Your lips are the number one attraction on your face!

Tired of dull, lifeless lips?

Has your lip line lost it's definition?

Do you reapply lipstick multiple times a day?

This is you your solution to enhance your lips! 

Lip Blushing is a semi-permanent treatment that will enhance your natural shape, add volume, boost symmetry, and give you the perfect blush of color. 


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Touch-up $150

*Touch-up must be done 4-6 weeks after initial session

*Touch-up post 10 weeks: $250


Touch-ups are normal and expected for Permanent Makeup procedures. The touch up is key in perfecting the shape and color. It also helps extend the longevity of the treatment ( 2-3 years).


Lip Blushing will define the contours of the lips adding color to lips that are naturally pale. You can instantly have a dramatic new look or a very natural splash of  “water color”  


The pigments are organic and vegan. They come in wide variety of different shades. The colors are created to match every preference of lip color, We can effectively camouflage scars and correct most discoloration in the lips. 


We can custom mix any shade of lip color you'd like for the perfect tone. We base the color on your wants, needs and lip/skin tone.

Bring your favorite lip color!



A very fine needle is used through a hand held electronic device to deposit tiny dots of color all over the lips.The end result is very natural tint with no visible outline.

 A numbing cream is applied to your lips prior to the treatment for comfort. 


It is important to note the density of the color will appear much stronger right after the procedure. Within three to four days, the color will fade 40-60% and resemble what you were anticipating. Swelling is normal right after the procedure and will subside within 24 hours. 


Lip blushing is one of the more understated permanent makeup techniques and is perfect for those who want fuller looking lips 

without filler. 


It can give the illusion of fuller lips by depositing color in areas that may be less pigmented naturally or lost pigment as a result of fillers and/or aging.

The results are unbelievably natural but most of all lips appear more voluminous!



Please allow for 2.5 hours for your first appointment. 

*If you have EVER had even one cold sore, you must get either a Valtrex prescription for 5 days prior, and 5 days after the procedure.


*If you have had fillers, you need to wait of 4 weeks after injection.

*No caffeine the day of procedure.

*No alcohol 24 hours before procedure.

*No blood thinners.

*No pregnancy or breast feeding.